Copy Of Certification

There is a $25.00 fee to search our over 250,000 student records. Payment may be made at this time with your charge card. We accept VISA, MC and Discover cards. Upon receipt of your payment it will take approximately 5 to 7 days for you to receive your new copy of your lifeguard certification by mail. Your copy of the lifeguard certification will list all of the most current training you completed with the following 3 organizations, which are the Swimming Pool and Spa Association, American Lifeguard Association and Global Lifeguards. We regret that if we find that you did not complete your lifeguard training with any of these agencies, that the charge will be the same for the search. If we find no records under your name we will e-mail you to request further information, so as to allow us to do a more detailed search.

If you do not have a charge card, we ask that you print out this completed form and mail it with a $25.00 check or money order to our address listed below. Please make checks payable to Swimming Pool and Spa Association.

Copy of Certification